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RAW Naked Buckwheat Honey

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Raw Buckwheat Honey
Raw Buckwheat Honey
Price: $12.50
Raw Naked Buckwheat Honey
Our Raw 
Buckwheat Honey is obtained from nectar collected from the Naked Buckwheat bushes of our local Redwood Mountains

Raw Buckwheat Honey is commonly used by itself or used in coffee, tea, breakfast & dessert items

This Honey is also less common and less available depending on the season
It has an inviting taste, not too sweet yet full of flavor

It also has a gorgeous orange hue and pours quite easily 
Raw Buckwheat Honey is recommended by Doctors for colds, coughs and congestion

Sold in 12.8 ounce Glass Jars

We do try to keep all shipping costs to a minimum, 
Honey is quite heavy especially in Glass, but the taste is amazing

Quantity **********Shipping
1 Bottle************$4.50
2 Bottles***********$7.75
3 Bottles**********$10.50
4 Bottles**********$12.00  <- QTY DISCOUNT
5 Bottles**********$13.50
6 Bottles (case)***$15.00

Product Reviews

(9 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
Incredible honey!
cly (Monterey Bay, CA) 8/31/2013 1:25 PM
Rich flavor, pure and pesticide-free. The real deal!