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RAW Black Forest Honey (aka) Honeydew Honey

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California Tree Honey
California Tree Honey
MSRP: $28.00
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Item Number: Forest
Manufacturer: Redwood Natural Bees
Manufacturer Part No: BlackForest

Black Forest Honey Also known as Honeydew Honey - 12.8 oz

Our Forest Honey is not actually black, it's the darkest of reds
Black honey from Spring is our darkest - light will NOT shine through it in the jar while strong back lighting makes it glow a beautiful red hue*

The Healthiest of all Honey, it boasts the Highest amount of Amino Acids & Anti Oxidants while having the lowest sugar content

Our Forest Honey has a Unique and Amazing Taste.  Not overly sweet but delicious and healthy. Honey dew contains iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. 

Our Black Forest Honey
is obtained froma spot where three forests converge. The Forest itself is a mix of  Redwood, Oak and Madrone  
Forest Honey is very rare and considered a delicacy in Europe especially Germany and Italy

Harvested in only 5 places worldwide, California is regarded as being the most flavorful while also being pollution free
It is dark red with a phosphorescent green glow.
Since our Forest Honey is derived from Native USA Tree Sap it is the USA version of Manuka Honey which is New Zealand's Tree Sap Honey

The Forest Honey coming in right now (late summer 2016) is heavenly. 
Forest Honey, Honeydew Honey, Black Honey is the rarest of all Honey varieties 
Availability is always limited

Sold in 12.8 Ounce Glass Bottles

We do try to keep all shipping costs to a minimum,
Honey is quite heavy especially in Glass, but the taste is amazing

Quantity **********Shipping
1 Bottle************$4.50
2 Bottles***********$7.75
3 Bottles**********$10.50
4 Bottles**********$12.00  <- QTY DISCOUNT
5 Bottles**********$13.50
6 Bottles (case)***$15.00

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