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raw honey, buckwheat honey, sage honey
                                                                                          About Us
 have been naturally harvesting honey in Bonny Doon, CA for over 15 years
We do not use any medications on our Hives nor use Any Fertilizers or Pesticides on our property
Our property is remote, located on top of an isolated Mountain Ridge far from civilization, pollution and farming 

We are Located Over 2200 Feet in Elevation which Effects 
    the Types of Nectar Available & the Types of Honey Created 

All Honey is harvested by hand in Small Batches
It's poured directly from the hives into sterilized jars without heating or filtration 
Our Raw Black Honey (Honeydew Honey) is Unique even for This Region, 
Similar to Manuka Honey, New Zealand's version of Tree Honey
Our Bees
are High Altitude Flyers where Tree Sap is abundant

               Our Mountain Honey is 100% RAW, UNHEATED and VIRGIN
Contact us at:   
or call    831.420.1100 for more information
Our Current 2017 Raw Honey Varieties include:
 Black Forest Honey (aka) Honeydew Honey  - very rare
 Sage Honey     
ild Blackberry       
 Wild Flower
 Naked Buckwheat

Our Natural Orchard
had a bumper crop of delicious Japanese Satsuma Plums, 
thanks to the hard work of our bees. This season our Honey has faint hints of sweet plum
satsuma plums   Redwood Naturals Organic Plums