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Variety Smart Pack - 2 Bottles of Raw Honey - BLACK FOREST & WILD FLOWER Honey

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Forest Honey, black honey
Forest Honey, black honey
Price: $26.00
VARIETY PACK  2 Bottles of
      Raw Mountain Honey 
 12.8oz each
BLACK Forest Honey & Wild Flower Honey

Black Forest (Honeydew)

Our Black Forest Honey is not actually black, it's the darkest of reds
Black honey is our darkest variety-  back lighting makes it glow a beautiful red hue

The Healthiest of all Honey, it boasts the Highest amount of Amino Acids & Anti Oxidants while having the lowest sugar content

Our Forest Honey has a Unique and Amazing Taste.  Not overly sweet but delicious and healthy.  It is also great as a treatment for cuts & burns as well as facial treatments. 

Our Black Forest Honey is obtained from Redwood sap collected from the top of our Mountain Redwood trees when other flowers are dormant
Most believe the sap becomes available to the bees after woodpeckers establish deep holes in the Redwoods
This Black Honey is very rare and considered a delicacy in Europe especially Germany
Wild Flower
Our Wild Flower Honey has a fragrant aroma, a "melt in your mouth"sweet taste and goes well with all cuisine.   
It is especially used for BBQ sauces, chicken glazes, dessert items as well as coffee & breakfast items.  
One of the most commonly available honeys in the world
Our variety is a delicious blend of Mountain flowers like:
   Poppy, Lavender & Wild Strawberry flowers
It is light and transparent with many small pollen particles suspended and pours extremely well
Raw Wild Flower Honey is a favorite with children since it is so sweet, thick & delicious!
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